Thursday, February 28, 2008

to blog.

to blog or not to blog, that has been my question.
well here i am!
why do we blog?
for ourselves?
to let others live vicariously through us?
to be able to track our lives in the future on the internet, versus a tangible old fashioned journal?
i still write/ draw in my journal...and will continue to.
but i will give this a fair chance as well.
why not?
there is so much about life to share, and to shout out loud about! so here goes...
my fun, crazy, happy, artistic, exciting, awake, and blissful life!


Jana Kay said...

Hey! So good to hear from you! Hope you are well and can't wait to keep up with you on your new blog!! :) Love you!

Snickleoh said...

HI baby cakes! You like the background? I'm still working on the header. I'm having trouble getting that girl off of there! LOL! Love you!

Snickleoh said...

Oh wait...that was me, your sister

Suzanne said...

Ok, now it's me! Ha! Love you!

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