Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the act of creating.

paint. i have been inspired with all varieties of creativity surrounding me in my world. its a great process to see, to know, and to fall in love with.
photography, art, paint, writing/journaling, doodling, movies, acting, imagination, creating.
to create:
to bring into being; to form out of nothing; to cause to exist.
to make or cause to be; or to become
to bring into existence
to pursue a creative activity; to be engaged in a creative activity
to create by artistic means
to produce: create or manufacture a man-made product

the process of creating something from nothing. or something from something else. is bliss.
it is an act that only the one acting upon it, can change, modify, or make this into what THEY want it.
im ready to create.
im creating the life i want.
slowly but surely.
its not always rainbows and chocolate, as we all sometimes wish it could be.
but having the ability to decide, plan, and act upon that; creating anything you want.
is amazing.
you can do. be. or create anything within the realms of thinking that you can. then you can!

i will leave this post with a few of my own tangible creations.
showing some of the process.
these are creations("things") i can't take with me, and will be left behind.
but that mean so much to me, in who i am, who i will be, where im going, and what makes me go.

start of the tree.

tree of life.

start of creation.

crazy sun.

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