Monday, August 4, 2008

a writing dated march 16, 2008:

i have always been one to live off of my emotions, fulfiling my needs, and wants through what i need and want in that moment. freespirit, dreamer, lover..
there comes a time in all of our lives when just the "doing" isnt enough, we must find balance.
esp. for those of us who are "doers", that balance is amazing when found, yet extreme difficult at times to find. That balance is imparatitive in life.
less is more.
you should never be too much of ONE emotion, feeling, or character.
as i sit here in my bed, first thing in the morning, all i wanted to do was write.
candle lit, window open, fresh air, birds chirping, dogs barking, sunshine.. these are all things i wanted right now, some of the material physical things that make me happy.
i am a deep person.
sometimes i feel like im not like others, i feel so deeply on many levels.
when happy, its an extreme happiness, filled with joy, laughter, a feeling of rejoicing in my belly.
when life brings me uncertanities, or bumps in the road, my confusion and sadness is extreme.
i feel like i feel on a deeper level then some. i dont compare myself to others, because im different.
arent we all different?
i like digging deep and really figuring it out, whether its a happiness, sadness, broken heart, goal fulfilled, or goal searching.
though i drive myself crazy sometimes by feeling.
i like who i am.
without feeling we would not be human, we would not be living, truly living.
none of these words coming out in the form of a paragaph right now, are negative.
just thoughts.
simply me.
i believe in positive thinking, i believe we are all feeding daily off of eachothers energy, so why not make it a positive energy?
be the joy in your life and in someone elses life to better us all, to help us all live and really FEEL what we are living.
good or bad, turn it into positive.
deep down every soul yearns for that positive energy, in every phase of life.
there shall be no other way to live.


Suzanne said...

I love YOU!!!

MOM KANDI said...

Welcome back, STACEY



Dad said...

Miss you.
You go girl.
I Love You

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