Wednesday, April 15, 2009

todays the day!!!!

Today marks the glorious day we will learn the sex of our baby!! we are so excited we can barley sit still!!! :)

last night I dreamt that I gave birth to a 1.5 year old baby girl!!! Not only was she a toddler but she talked!! The first thing she said when she came out was.. “What am I going to wear mommy!” then followed with “ I don’t like pink!” hahaha... ohhh my! does this mean I’m creating a monster!? Probably.

As most of you already know there will be no post announcing the sex of the baby until AFTER the wedding. We will be officially announcing the baby’s gender at the wedding with all of the family present. (we’ve gotta have a little fun with it)…. This being said we have many friends and family members who don’t believe we can really keep a secret ;) Those of you that truly know Marc and I know that of course… people thinking we CAN’T keep a secret will make us want to keep it EVEN MORE!! We are stubborn :)

I will post again tonight with the new 18 week baby photo and any new updates from the Dr.!

And.. I will leave you now with some belly pics over the past few weeks… enjoy!

15 weeks. new york city.

16 weeks.

18 weeks.


Suzanne said...

How did I not know this!!! :(((((( I love you!!

Suzanne said...

oh yeah... your belly is cute!!

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