Friday, December 4, 2009

new wardrobe.

zoe inherited quite a cute and funky little wardrobe today... she's happy about having some warm, "cool" cloth to cover herself in. first she received this santa hat from Grandma and Grandpa today!...
then the shopping began...
new "skinny" style jeans for baby!
funky stitching and bling to go along "behind"...
leg warmers for the cozy days....
rockin tshirts!
only because she's our lil blondie ;)
a wardrobe in california is not complete until you have your surfer gear...
and of course for the girly side in her, a cute outfit with a flower... flower power!!...
and the day is never finished until you are bathed, lotioned up and massaged followed by some comfy pajamas!
...after all is said and done we have a happy 10 week old beautiful baby girl!

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